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Costa Tropical Music Camp

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"Costa Tropical Music camp" A musical camp in the South of Spain for professional songwriters longing to meet other writers from all over the world, and write new songs in beautiful surroundings. The camps are organized by Janett Jensen, who served as A & R for a major publishing company for many years.


"I just had the best time ever. I'd been on writing camps in the past, and they were either over subscribed , not good value for money or were a mixture of tutorials and writing with no real end goal other than to improve ones writing. I'd always come away feeling disappointed.

Costa Tropical was none of those things; it was very well structured, focussed, and more importantly the daily writing groups were always well thought out with a good balance of skills, with a regular supply of specific targets for our creations. I'd definitely like to do it again; I met some wonderful people who I hope will remain good friends - and of course, we have continued to write together since the camp and seek support and advice from Janett."


Graham Turner (UK)


"Ett kreativt Camp där jag träffat många bra låtskrivare, producenter och artister. Hårt jobb kombinerat med avslappnad miljö har resulterat i många bra låtar. Dessutom har Janett hjälpt mig att sätta ett flertal låtar internationellt"


"Mixen av låtskrivare, producenter och sångare är suverän. Ett lunch dopp i poolen eller textförfattande på beachen är en grym bonus"


Joacim Dubbelman (Sweden)

"Kontakterna och vänskapen jag fick med de andra låtskrivarna där under veckan kommer jag ha nytta av resten av livet! Superbt arrangemang, man fick mycket uträttat men hann ändå med att ha roligt mellan varven. Rekommenderas"

Jerry Sillah (Sweden)


Costa tropical camp är frisk fläkt. Man får jobba med likasinnade personer som har samma mål som sig själv så Costa Tropical Camp är en bra träffpunkt  med andra som har samma intresse. För er som kommer kommande år: You will like it!


Kent Larsen (Sweden)


Min erfarenhet av Costa Tropical Music Camp, är i allra högsta grad helt fantastiskt och framförallt en väldigt lärorik upplevelse! Man utvecklas både socialt och definitivt musikaliskt, en väldigt stark samhörighet, helt klart utan tvekan! Hoppas på ett återseende.


Martin "M'jay" Johansson (Sweden)



I have had the honour to be twice at Janett Jensen's Costa Tropical Music Camp. Everything was well organized and the general vibe and level of talent was simply amazing!


Joonas Naskali (Finland)


“I’ve attended Costa Tropical Music Camp twice, and it has always been a great experience. There is a good, productive vibe at the camp, and I’ve had some really good co-writes there. It’s a great place to meet future songwriting partners.


Mark Stangerup (Denmark)


I had a great experience participating in Janett’s Costa Tropical Music Camp.

Every day writing with two new collaborators. Some days it was magic, some days a train wreck! But then the train wrecks can lead to magic!

By the end of the week we were all bouncing from room to room fixing a vocal here, changing a lyric there, writing, listening, eating, swimming, writing, rewriting, and sometimes even sleeping.

A great lesson in collaborating. A great experience with great musicians making great music. Quickly. The closest experience I’ve had to being in the Brill Building in the 1960’s.

David Brownstein (USA)



"Costa Tropical Music Camp was an amazing experience, Janett had the artistic sentitivity, the know-how and the flair to pair me up with the right people in order to create some trully great songs."


Phil Greiss (France)



Janett Jensen had played a pivotal role in my career for years now, from the time I worked with her as my publisher at Warner Chappell , and now as my "go to" publishing guru.....Through her amazing workshops in Spain I have cowritten some of the best songs of my career with writers and artists I may have never met if not for Janett.


Michael Garvin (USA)

I was one of the lucky attendees at Janett Jensen's September 2012 Songwriting Camp. It brought me out of my solitary songwriter's shell and led to a number of exciting creative moments with other writers. I found it to be a rich and stimulating experience. Janett is a kind and effective organiser and coordinator, sensitive to the individual needs of the participants while able to gently but firmly push everyone to exert themselves and bring out their very best.

Ana Laan



I had the pleasure to attend the Costa Tropical Music Camp in May 2016 and I was pleasently surprised by the whole event. Well organised and held in a vey exotic and relaxing location in the south of Spain! I got to meet some intresting and creative writers and at least two of the songs I co-wrote during the sessions, got released. Which is the main goal for me when I’m traveling to this kind of songwriting camps. Well done Janet and hopefully I’ll see you again this year" 


Ovi Jacobsen 


Fantastic camp in a beautiful inspiring place. With Warm atmosphere and music in the air. A perfect combination of having a good time, meeting new colleges and friends, networking and creative effectivity . Great organization by Janett Jensen.

Marina Ammouri


"The Almunecar songwriting camp is a perfect location and environment for songwriters to focus on their creativity. The mix of people Janett puts together give opportunities to create that special hit with potential to reach the whole world."

If you once have attended the camp you most likely feel like you want to go there again. The people you meet, the creativity, the song that are written and produced, the location and the atmosphere, that´s really hard to beat."

This camp really gives you the opportunity to grow and develop as a songwriter/producer. The camp itself is just great. A week together with inspiring people that could provide those little ideas and vice versa. But after the camp you have a brand new network of great writers to share ideas, hooks, mid-8s, etc. with....and Janett is always there to help to try to get your music out to the industry"

Michael Lövgren (Sweden)



Costa Tropical Music Camp is a very well organised camp always loaded with talent from around the world. Thera are always plenty of pitches to chose from and the surroundings makes it very easy to be creative. Janett Jensen/JJ Music takes very good care of everything so that the songwriters can concentrate on what they do best.


Linda Dale


Costa Tropical Camp var en fantastisk möjlighet för mig att knyta nya kontakter för framtida samarbeten och lära känna Janett som har lång erfarenhet inom musikbranschen. Det är ett välorganiserat camp i en underbar miljö, vilket resulterar i fantastiska låtar. Jag skulle rekommendera alla som har möjlighet att åka.

Johanna Toth / JONI

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